Interested in in-home Mandarin classes?

Would any families be interested in this?

Its one idea we are considering – it’s comfortable & convenient (in your home / local area) and your child could be with others they may already know.

To offer a a class in a home, we’d need:

  • A family who is happy to commit & open their home on a weekly basis during term time, and be coordinating location etc with the others. It has to be a smoke-free and preferably pet-free (or able to remove pets) home.
  • A space that is cleared for classes e.g. a lounge, with no distracting toys/electronics etc in sight or furniture blocking the way.
  • Depending on location/size, at least 6 – 8 children per class (max. 12), which you would need to find/coordinate. You can start a class with friends, your antenatal group, neighbours or school mates 🙂

You can choose to have a toddlers (30mins), preschoolers (45mins) or kids (55 mins) class.

We can work with you to figure out a class time that works for you and the teachers schedule.

For locations outside of central Wellington, there would probably be an extra travel reimbursement fee that we would pass to the teachers.

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