PRESCHOOLERS TRIAL CLASS Central Brooklyn, Thu 29 Oct, 9:30am

p1505053466-6To families with young Preschoolers in Karori, Wilton, Northland, Wadestown, Kelburn, Aro Valley, Newtown, Island Bay, Kilbirnie, or anywhere within driving or bus-ing distance of central Brooklyn 🙂

(Or even Northern Suburb and Hutt Valley families – it’s a quick drive down the highway and straight up the hill!)

We have some interest to start a Preschoolers 2.5-6yrs+ class in Brooklyn! We plan to run a Trial Class at on Thursday 29th October, 9:30-10:15am. This gives an opportunity for you and other families to try before enrolling, and should hopefully be enough time for everyone to spread the word around 🙂

Please register in the form below and spread the word for us and help get others interested in this as well – Plunket, antenatal groups, friends, family, etc 🙂 It is always easier for you to “promote” since your families are part of the local community.

1) A minimum of 8 children is needed to start the class. Small classes are just not the same in terms of the fun interaction and group dynamics we want to create in class 🙂 Our staff also have other full-time commitments, and while this is a charity, it has to be worth the time and cost of the additional planning and travelling and venue hire.
2) Families  will need to confirm within 2 days after taking part in the trial that they will want to enrol for the class for the term. If we do not have minimum numbers met, we will be unable to start a class.



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