How we are doing things differently with Mandarin :)

A page has just been put up on our site explaining why we’re different, how we teach and how your child learns Mandarin with us! It is a good read for interested families and also for anyone wanting to work for us 😉

Mandarin has traditionally been taught in a serious or rote style due to cultural and societal expectations and norms. We are not aware of anyone teaching Mandarin the way we do in around here – we’re fun, we’re different, and we learn by doing! There are no art & craft activities to fill in time, or colouring-in pages – unless we are specifically teaching art and craft vocabulary 🙂 Class time is precious and the time is better spent on active learning vs. a child quietly concentrate on colouring the sun shape in yellow.

Click here to read more, including our key guidelines in planning and evaluating our lessons.

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